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“I don’t care what the law says.”

Last Monday evening, a cyclist was injured southbound on Sandycombe Road in Richmond, opposite the Manor Circus roundabout. It’s on my usual route home, and I arrived not long after the Police, apparently. Three cars were in attendance, and the … Continue reading

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Stop fly-parking in Richmond!

Apparently ‘fly-parking’ is the act of leaving your bicycle in an un-official parking place: like a railing, or anywhere that there’s no specific parking. And in Richmond, fly-parking is endemic around the station, and in fact anywhere in town that … Continue reading

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Probably best to drive to Richmond station, on balance …

Richmond Council’s consultation on changing the layout at Richmond station did include some gathering of walking and pedestrian statistics, but none of this analysis actually made it into the consultation documents. When you arrive at the front of Richmond station, … Continue reading

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