Probably best to drive to Richmond station, on balance …

Richmond Council’s consultation on changing the layout at Richmond station did include some gathering of walking and pedestrian statistics, but none of this analysis actually made it into the consultation documents.

When you arrive at the front of Richmond station, you can’t walk straight in, unless someone’s dropped you off by car.

No, you need to approach from one of the narrow pavements either side, or walk from the bus stop – watching out for those drop-offs. And if you come from the direction which is shown in the picture, there’s a very steep ramp, or narrow steps.

So the council consulted on how they could make it all a bit better. And they offered you two options: pedestrianise the station forecourt, or move the bus stops further into Richmond.

Oh, and for both options, they’d remove the zebra crossing which currently allows pedestrians to cross from the other side, and replace it with a traffic-light controlled crossing, which would allow traffic to flow a bit more easily. Best of all, the new traffic light would be phased to work not for pedestrians, but for the traffic coming off the A316.

When they asked people, they ‘distributed 1,700 documents’ and got 495 back. Based on the millions of journeys made through the station every year, we can congratulate the council on the efforts they made to gauge opinions.

We can’t congratulate them on having any idea whether the people replying were all taxi drivers – who would have been dislocated by the best pedestrian option – or drivers, because
– they don’t know the demographic or journey type breakdown of the survey, and
– they don’t know the full stats for how people arrive at the station anyway

Walking stats

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