Stop fly-parking in Richmond!

Apparently ‘fly-parking’ is the act of leaving your bicycle in an un-official parking place: like a railing, or anywhere that there’s no specific parking.

And in Richmond, fly-parking is endemic around the station, and in fact anywhere in town that there’s something solid you can secure a bicycle to.

Here you can see people who’ve parked around the station area: there’s a brand new bike rack behind the station, but no-one thought to make enough spaces for the level of usage right now, let alone where we’d be if Richmond had a hope in hell of delivering on its Local Improvement Plan goals.

Really, you’re better of driving into town, because whilst you have to park a bike at one end of the town or other, you can park a car slap bang in the centre:

Of course if they’d wanted to stop fly-parking, they could have gone to Cyclehoop: they could have put ten bikes where each of these cars is. But cycling, cleaner air, and less congestion just aren’t important enough to Richmond Council at the moment.

Local Improvement Plan (PDF)
Richmond LCC branch LIP response



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