“I don’t care what the law says.”

Last Monday evening, a cyclist was injured southbound on Sandycombe Road in Richmond, opposite the Manor Circus roundabout. It’s on my usual route home, and I arrived not long after the Police, apparently. Three cars were in attendance, and the cyclist was lying on the ground. A small car was stopped further up, and one of the officers was talking to someone beside the car.

I took a photo with my phone camera and was moved along in no uncertain terms by the sergeant and inspector present – the sergeant asked why I was taking the picture, I explained, and he then told me I couldn’t do so, and could move along.

And once he’d brow-beaten me, the Inspector who was also on the scene, after I pointed out that it was a public place and I was entirely entitled to take photographs, said “I don’t care what the law says.”

I was also asked “Would you want someone taking your picture if you were lying on the road?” to which I replied “Definitely.” That didn’t endear me either, so I left. Here’s the scene: the injured woman was on the ground behind the police car, her bike standing incongruously against the wooden fence, which suggests it wasn’t being treated as very much of a crime scene.

I don’t know what happened, but will be asking my local station: Richmond seems to be having more and more unreported incidents on the roads, whether with cyclists or pedestrians, and few of them seem to make it to the local paper.

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One Response to “I don’t care what the law says.”

  1. Downfader says:

    Its a difficult one. I’ve been using SLRs most of my life (as long as I’ve been using bikes in fact) and the surge in use of cameras (every phone has a decent camera, but so many people have DSLRs and digicompacts now that its destroyed the business that used to flourish for so many pro-photogs)…..

    ..the surge in camera use has kind of ruined so many things. Like this, something bad happens and everyone gets their cameras out. Some people even cause an obstruction or risk to others (car crashes on motorways and D/carriageways have had this). Some people don’t like their photo being taken (oddly I’m one of them, despite the many cameras I own).

    You just have to show respect, step back and ask yourself.. is this appropriate? Right now? Or in the mindset of many a true photojournalist – will this benefit others? Your blog might do a better job than the photo could ever have.

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