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More cars parking means more business in Richmond

Despite the absence of any usable evidence, Richmond Council’s latest plan to help local traders is to remove lots of yellow lines. The Council member for Highways sums up how our Tory council views car in a nutshell: “…by the … Continue reading

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Why Richmond Council should hate cars #1

Recently, Clean Air London looked at traffic pollution in London, and wanted to know how it affects children. Richmond, despite being a borough with so much greenery, parks, etc., still managed to have more than a dozen schools which were … Continue reading

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Richmond: let’s not talk about cycling, please

Richmond’s local cycling campaign are distressed to have had an invitation to the council’s Transport Management Liaison Group withdrawn. However, a little bit of digging on the council website suggests that, if they’d been invited to the ‘Transport Consultative Group‘ … Continue reading

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Is your journey two miles or less? Please use your car

Richmond’s local papers are going all gooey over the fabulous RichmondCard: lots of free parking if you’re local, and happy to move your car somewhere else after 30 minutes. Of course you might ask yourself: wouldn’t it be a really … Continue reading

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Useless cycling signage

Yesterday we drove to an event which was officially opened by Phillip Hammond. I did enjoy watching him telling a crowd of extremely well-paid research scientists that when he went to school science was dusty and boring, and he needs … Continue reading

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This report cost what? Who cares what it said?

We wrapped the Cycling Liaison Group meeting with the announcement that the council has £12,000 to spend on cycle parking. Now the council actually has a lengthy report looking at cycle parking in the centre of Richmond, but it seems … Continue reading

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It’s a pavement, but TfL still think pedestrians and cyclists are second class.

This is the scene on TfL’s fab new cycle way along the A316. They only finished it a little while ago, and it’s a classic of design for motor vehicles. This picture shows a break in the cycle path which … Continue reading

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