Crossing the road? You’re not traffic, so I don’t care.

Credit to Richmond’s LCC branch for keeping going on the London Road roundabout farce.

In the best current traditions of TfL, it turns out that they’re not that interested in doing anything for pedestrians or cyclists who want to cross the road for a large part of this road (see the road here or in the article above).

Not even having Vince Cable on their case has persuaded TfL that crossing this road is important enough compared to the smooth flow of huge volumes of traffic, although you could suppose that the Blackfriars Bridge fiasco would amply demonstrate just how important people are to TfL compared to cars

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2 Responses to Crossing the road? You’re not traffic, so I don’t care.

  1. Gaz says:

    TFL’s current attitude of car = most important has to change, whilst we should allow people to drive on the roads and provide them a good condition to do show, shouldn’t each road user be given a level playing field for road user and that is at a minimum, it would be much better to see vulnerable road users put before others.

  2. Downfader says:

    Two lanes of traffic entering from the RAB and two exiting, probably ramping up the speed (am I right)… not a good thing for pedestrians and bloody scarey for anyone with a disability or of age.

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