Useless cycling signage

Yesterday we drove to an event which was officially opened by Phillip Hammond. I did enjoy watching him telling a crowd of extremely well-paid research scientists that when he went to school science was dusty and boring, and he needs people like them to make it more excited for our youth: it made me realise that he might be hopeless not just at transport policy, but lots of other things too …

But on the way, driving down the A316, we saw this gem. It’s not far from the end of the cycle lane, at right angles to it. So the only people who see it are passengers driving by on the road.

If you've crossed the three lanes of traffic opposite, look both ways before you walk across the lane into this fairly solid wall

If you happen to be cycling or walking here, you’d have to stop pretty much right opposite it to see its very useful message. Most people probably just carry on regardless, though.

Given how new this facility is, you could hope that it was built with TfL’s ‘best practices’ in mind, you’re left wondering who on earth thought this sign had any purpose whatsoever. Of itself, it’s irrelevant, as a symbol of the lack of thinking behind cycling and walking ¬†provision in London, it’s emblematic.

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