Is your journey two miles or less? Please use your car

Richmond’s local papers are going all gooey over the fabulous RichmondCard: lots of free parking if you’re local, and happy to move your car somewhere else after 30 minutes.

Of course you might ask yourself: wouldn’t it be a really good idea to encourage people who live locally to drive less, rather than more? But apparently that didn’t occur to Richmond Council. Instead, they took the very pale green effort created by the last (LibDem) administration, threw away the clunking green credentials it had, and spent a fortune re-launching it.

Best of all, even key council committees seem unconvinced: in May, the Environment and Sustainability Committee called the whole project into doubt, suggesting that take-up was poor, it damaged the council’s plans for income generation, and it would still cost another £65k+ if they went ahead.

Still, they went ahead, despite parking barely even rating on the council’s all-in-one survey: no, the biggest single thing that residents complained about? Congestion.

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