More cars parking means more business in Richmond

Despite the absence of any usable evidence, Richmond Council’s latest plan to help local traders is to remove lots of yellow lines. The Council member for Highways sums up how our Tory council views car in a nutshell: “…by the time we’ve finished, I want to have our shopping streets looking busier and tills ringing even more frequently. Creating more spaces is another part of the Council’s fair parking agenda, which together with our RichmondCards will make it easier for people to park and shop in Richmond upon Thames.”

Because for Richmond, a successful town needs to be clogged with cars, whether driven or parked. No mention of the thousands who take the bus, train, walk or cycle.

No, Councillor Harrison’s shopping streets will just be looking busier with more cars chasing more free parking. It’s not clear whether he or the council have done any research whatsoever to examine whether Richmond’s centres might be better served by persuading fewer people to drive rather than more, but it seems sadly unlikely, given the gasoline loving credentials of the council.

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