Richmond sucks up “smoothing traffic flow” from TfL

Richmond recently announced plans to curb the blight of excessive parking restrictions from our borough.

So this blogger wondered, how do they choose?

And it turns out to be not especially scientific, sadly, or indeed to be taking into account, except through limp ‘statutory consultations’ the concerns of anyone except drivers.

There’s no cohesive plan to consider safety, or to consider people who don’t drive cars. Rather, when asked “What analysis is done in relation to the change in traffic patterns which will occur when yellow lines are removed?” they replied ” No formal analysis is done; it is believed that rationalisation of parking in town centres and removal of redundant / ineffective / inefficient waiting or loading restrictions will help in smoothing traffic and improving safety and the local environment.  ”  (My emphasis.)

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3 Responses to Richmond sucks up “smoothing traffic flow” from TfL

  1. SteveL ( a Bristol Traffic team member) says:

    It’s pretty embarrassing for the road planners to have to say that removing parking and waiting restrictions will improve traffic flow. Parking restrictions stop lanes being blocked -hence TfL’s red roads. Eliminating waiting restrictions converts the areas into long-stay parking, forcing short-stay vehicles to double park.

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