It’s easier to park you car then to ask someone to slow down

So Richmond also thinks that 20mph zones are a good idea – based on this week’s Cycling Liaison Group discussion.

But they’re a good idea in a different way to removing yellow lines. Because, to remove yellow lines, you need a little bit of belief in smooth traffic and a word in the ear of the appropriate cabinet member.

To get a 20mph zone, on the other hand, we were told you need:

  • To have someone as for their road to become a 20mph zone
  • Have a cost benefit analysis done
  • Have a risk and safety audit done
  • Have a full public consultation on the road in question

On that consultation, you then need a 51% result to go ahead.

To cap it all, Councillor Harrison was at pains to remind us of the straitened circumstances the council finds itself in, with only an unexpected £4.5m surplus this year.

As the final icing on the cake, the council appears to have no plan or vision about how 20mph zones might make our borough a safer, more pleasant place to live. So between this lack of vision, miserliness, and excessive red tape to set up 20mph zones, we can safely predict that not many will be going ahead in a hurry.

(Of course, the whole 20mph zone effort might be a waste of time anyway.)

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1 Response to It’s easier to park you car then to ask someone to slow down

  1. Paul says:

    …and a few isolated roads with 20mph limits are precisely how NOT to make them work.

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