Kew Road cycle lane is saved by Cycling Liaison Group

Kew Road has mandatory cycle lanes for large parts of its length. At a previous Cycling Liaison Group, a number of us left the meeting under the impression that this was due to go.

Happily, it seems that this facility (such as it is, for two hours a day), is going to stay. So we then discussed, at length, what might be done to make it a bit more useful – say, like having it mandatory all day, and stopping people parking on it …

This being the car love borough, though, we focussed mostly on how removing all this parking would need to be dealt with, and instead of discussing how this would usefully be a cycle route, we spent most of our time talking about how bad parking can get in the area – with this level of dedication to cycling in the borough from our elected and un-elected officials, it’s hard not to feel a little despondent at how things are going to get better any time soon.

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