Where can we spend £12k on parking bicycles?

Richmond apparently has £12k to spend on cycle parking, and apparently no-one at the cycling liaison group has made any suggestions.

So I thought I’d offer a few:

Firstly, why not encourage more people to take the bike to Kew? Lion Gate entrance has no cycling parking at all, yet thousands of people visit Kew each day – it even has a nice wide pavement outside:

(Picture from Kew website.)

Or make some more space in Richmond town centre? Instead of three spaces for cars here:

(See http://g.co/maps/62gzt for location, and a view from the other direction) you could have space for thirty bikes:

(image courtesy of Cyclehoop.)

Finally, you could just sort out the mess at Richmond station, which might have a very nice new cycle park round the back, but also has huge volumes of ‘fly-parking’ of bicycles on every available piece of railing at the front of the station:

(This picture shows the railing opposite the station.)

Of course you coud say that we’ve know for over a year that cycle parking at every single station in the borough is inadequate, so you could just spend it there …)

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4 Responses to Where can we spend £12k on parking bicycles?

  1. Jill Marrs says:

    There is insufficient cycle parking at Tesco’s in Teddington. People either have to use the rails which contain the shopping trolleys or use the small, ill-designed cycle rack in the car park which is not even attached to the ground and can be moved with ease. A proper well designed rack in the car park would be a huge improvement.

  2. Put them at every shopping area, close to the shops. Another tactic from portsmouth is put them on the edge of the pavement by zebra crossings. This stops cars from being able to park there as they can’t open their doors.

  3. Paul says:

    Thoroughly agree with the Lion Gate suggestion.
    Richmond Station – yes but where exactly ? There is apparently a new design for the forecourt but I doubt much will to prioritise cycle parking.
    Tesco in Teddington. Yes, but shouldn’t Tesco be providing it ? There is now space for more racks under cover in the front of the store.

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