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Richmond Council thinking is as joined up as its cycling provision.

This is the consultation to implement an advisory cycle lane leading towards Richmond Bridge. And this is the calendar of meetings for the council’s Cycling Liaison Group. Someone in the council thinks that implementing new cycle facilities doesn’t need mentioning … Continue reading

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Training counts as investment, when it’s for cyclists, it seems.

Despite cycling being, well, as easy as riding a bike, it’s odd that whenever we mention transport investment, there’s one type of transport where you can ‘invest’ in training. The DfT never claims that ‘educating drivers’ is an investment, and … Continue reading

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We have to dress up to cycle on the road, why not dress up to walk in shared use?

When you cycle on the road, the general advice in the UK is for you to wear hi-visibility clothing, a helmet, and to take lots of care. And I got to thinking: that’s the advice for a cyclist who is … Continue reading

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SuperBoris – changing London for the better by … re-sequencing traffic lights!

Richmond Tories “can now afford cabs thanks to Boris’ light re-sequencing” according to the farcical back boris site. Although it really does take a stretch of the imagination to wonder how the cost of a fare will materially change with … Continue reading

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What won’t bring about mass cycling … ignoring the elephant on the table.

If you accept the views of some bloggers, there are many things that aren’t going to encourage mass uptake of cycling as a mode of transport. One that seems to be coming up quite frequently at the moment is the … Continue reading

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Fine cycle facilities of Richmond

The local LCC branch recently did a blog post on some of the great facilities in Richmond. A few days ago I tried another great facility – the one that runs beside the A316 from Richmond from the Kew Road … Continue reading

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