Fine cycle facilities of Richmond

The local LCC branch recently did a blog post on some of the great facilities in Richmond. A few days ago I tried another great facility – the one that runs beside the A316 from Richmond from the Kew Road / A316 junction to the London road roundabout. (Itself already a subject of local concern.)

Ironically, you can start off just by the bike shop, admiring the cycle lane with a bollard placed nicely in the middle:

If you want to go straight ahead here, make sure you stop for the cars, of course. As is the case for every junction on this route, naturally. And if you want to turn left, you might want to observe the bizarre junction painted on the pavement, to a short section which then just stops:

It’s not really clear what to do if you want to turn left here …

Further on, you’ll encounter this footbridge, nicely bracketed by instructions to dismount. The narrowness of the pavement, beside the two broad lanes of A316, is indicative of the overall route:

A little further on, past the relative peace and space of the shared path over the bridge, you’ll be able to enjoy street furniture whose purpose appears to be the inconvenience of anyone using the pavement, basically:

 Afterwards, it gets nice and narrow again: how a pedestrian must feel when faced with any kind of cyclist is pretty obvious:

And that’s just the short section between Richmond and London Road. It doesn’t look like Richmond’s done anything here for years, except to erect the ‘Cyclists dismount’ signs, so it’s really no wonder that those cyclists who are hard-core enough choose the road instead of the ‘dedicated facilities’.

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One Response to Fine cycle facilities of Richmond

  1. Paul James says:

    Every now and then I try the A316 path again as it’s a good direct route to Mortlake and on to town, so it should be one of the borough’s greatest cycling assets. Other than the obvious lack of priority at minor sideroads and driveways, and the points you make above, the biggest stopper for me is Manor Circus, the path literally vanishes and leaves you no where to go. You either jump into the road and risk getting left hooked at the roundabout, or you illegally use the pavement and cross on the zebra. Did whoever was designing this path get to Manor Circus and then throw their arms up in the air in despair unable to figure out how to make the path continue past Manor Road? “Oh well, no one cycles anyway, let’s go to the pub”.

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