Richmond Council thinking is as joined up as its cycling provision.

This is the consultation to implement an advisory cycle lane leading towards Richmond Bridge. And this is the calendar of meetings for the council’s Cycling Liaison Group.

Someone in the council thinks that implementing new cycle facilities doesn’t need mentioning to the CLG, and they actually probably don’t need to consult any local group interested in cycle provision. The partners involved are, apparently: “London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Other (Specify), Police”.

To be honest, though, it’s an advisory cycle lane for a pretty short distance, and anyone can see from the not-altogether-clear PDF and from Google’s view of the road, that there’s clearly insufficient space to have 1.3m of mandatory cycle lane along here.

It’s not that a cycle lane down here is a bad idea, but it’s utterly symptomatic of Richmond’s approach to cycling, even down to the suggestion that that an advisory cycle lane punctuated by car parking might “… ensure that cyclists travelling along Richmond Road towards Richmond Bridge have uninterrupted access”. (Link is to the MS Word consultation document.)

And if, as the consultation suggests, this is a well-used route, why are they just tinkering with this section? Luckily, the Cycling Liaison Group will be able to explore this, after the consultation has finished!

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