Richmond’s transport plan: hot air, training, and electric charging points

Apparently, Richmond’s mayor approved version two of its local improvement plan (LIP2) on 14th December.

There’s no full version available on the site it seems, so you’ll have to use the draft here.

And the draft, which gasses on about environment, and has lots of fine words about cycling and walking, has a detailed methodology for measuring the ‘annual outputs’ from the LIP. According to this PDF, the council (and TfL) will measure its effectiveness at delivering cycle targets by measuring – how much cycle parking there is and how many people have received cycle training (buried in p51). Thankfully, they don’t need to worry about the measures though, because the draft contains no actual targets to achieve (p49).

Road safety, similarly, will best be delivered by … ” Education and training interventions (e.g. theatre in education or pedestrian training) ” (also p51), whilst environmental targets – in a borough which “takes very seriously our responsibilities towards the global environment” (p4) – will best be served by … the number of electric vehicle charging points (p52).

Since 2009 only saw 55 electric vehicles registered at the DVLA, it’s hard not to wonder: given how little demand there is for these things, why not spend the money on some real pent up demand – the ability to cycle and walk safely and confidently in our borough?

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