“Cycling on the pavement is illegal (full stop)” (Updated)

My local police don’t seem to think there might be circumstances under which you’d be Ok to ride on the pavement:

Which is odd, because the borough is littered with little signs like this, up and down pavements:

Now I wouldn’t claim to know much about the law – and I am sometimes confused by the various signage – but I’m pretty sure that there are large stretches in Richmond where it is clearly untrue to say “Cycling on the pavement is an offence”. Perhaps there’s some bizarre term required – pavement, footpath, shared path, etc. – but it’s difficult to see how this could be less helpful.

I wanted to go into the new “Police Front Desk” just by Richmond station (where I saw this sign), but was sadly prevented because I had a pram with me, and the brand new building had a brand new external lift which didn’t work.

* Update: Inspector George from Richmond Police called. Apparently these come from some central department of idiots responsible for producing these things (not his words), and he’d look at it. I didn’t have the heart to point out the bizarre English later in the leaflet: “.. you and your bike must be clearly visible with use by reflectors and lights.”)

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One Response to “Cycling on the pavement is illegal (full stop)” (Updated)

  1. Downfader says:

    As Bassjunkieuk said on twitter, will they be pasting “parking on pavements and speeding is illegal, period” on cars, LOL?

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