This infrastructure lark – I don’t *quite* get it …

This is the lovely new cycle parking at Richmond station. It’s very popular, and is – by most measures – a very nice thing. 


It’s just that, to get to it – a facility where you can park well over a hundred bicycles – this is the access:


It’s both narrow, and likely to find you in conflict with pedestrians very easily.Between the white wall you can see here and the cycles parked, is a route used by a lot of station users to access the station, and it’s basically wide enough that you have to block it completely to turn your bicycle into a  parking space. 

And of course most people using a bike won’t have too many problems lifting their bikes up the two steps shown, but if you can’t, there’s no alternative access either. All of which adds up to a great idea with some pretty poor execution. Still, what you can’t see is that someone had the guts to remove more than 10 car parking spaces to put this facility in – which suggests to me that Richmond council had absolutely nothing to do with it … 

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One Response to This infrastructure lark – I don’t *quite* get it …

  1. disgruntled says:

    cue lots of letters to the paper about ‘inconsiderate’ cyclists at the station *sigh*

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