Berkeley Square: green space you can park your car beside

This is Berkeley Square.


It’s right in the centre of London. Around the square runs effectively a two lane highway, parking for over a hundred cars, charging points for three electrical vehicles,


around 60-70 cycle stands, and enough space for about the same number of motorbikes and scooters. Not surprisingly, you could find bikes and scooters parked up throughout the square wherever they could find a space.

What’s the point of this post? Two things: the electric charging is symptomatic of the green-washing we’ve endured over the last few years – an expensive exercise which is only going to deliver to the well-off anyway, and which will make bugger all difference to congestion. And then the basic grimness of the place: access to the beautiful green space in the middle is very poor, and once you’re there, you’re still surrounded by cars that are mostly parked there all day anyway. It’s hard not to think to yourself: “I’m sure the Dutch and the Danes would have a better idea.”

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