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How can planning help us?

With the boom in childbirths, Richmond is one of the places that needs to do some serious school expansion.  Last week I went to a governors’ meeting, at which the council asked us to consider taking a third form of … Continue reading

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We’re improving Richmond station … for cars!

A gem I missed at the time. When announcing the agreement to improve Richmond station’s forecourt, our Cabinet member for Highways said: “When it [the station forecourt upgrade] is finished, Richmond will have the modern spacious gateway local people and … Continue reading

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NEW: Richmond has a slogan for cycling!

Richmond, it seems, has a slogan for cycling, and it goes like this: “More people cycling, more often, safely and for fun.” (see article below) Now I’d suggest that someone made that one up on the spot, since the Local … Continue reading

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£220,000 on cycling in Richmond? What a fine thing!

Now I’d be the last person to be complaining about spending on cycle infrastructure, but I have a couple of big questions on this one: – Other cycle hubs are talking about including a charge to park your bike. That … Continue reading

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Does Richmond buy into #Cyclesafe?

To test the waters, I asked Richmond Council its response to the Times’ ‘Cities fit for Cycling’ manifesto. And this is what I got: Question: “Will the Council actively endorse and enact the Times’ cycle safety manifesto, including the commitment to … Continue reading

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