Small children and other pedestrians are not overly welcome here

Not far from my house is a large Sainsbury’s branch. On one of the exits – recently widened and adjusted to accommodate a new bus stop and exit, is a zebra crossing.

Beside the zebra crossing is a nice sign, telling drivers and pedestrians that, well, there’s a pedestrian crossing there:

Except someone’s designed it so that it is impassable for anyone to pass through this handy sign which obstructs over half of the path.

Not only is the sign low enough for an adult to risk crunching their head, but someone’s kindly placed a steel bar at the head height of (in this case) a three year old child who might think of scooting happily between two posts.

I will ask both the council and Sainsbury’s who is responsible for this (as it seems to me) monumentally pointless and dangerous exercise.

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6 Responses to Small children and other pedestrians are not overly welcome here

  1. I’m sure a full H&S risk assessment was carried out before the installation of said sign and they probably (correctly) assumed that NO ONE would walk to a supermarket, therefore it’s perfectly safe to install such a sign as the chances of some POOR person walking into it are therefore minimal. I mean what kind of irresponsible adult makes their precious and delicate children walk anywhere!

    It’s a well known FACT that ONLY people in cars MATTER!

    /rant over sarcasm mode turned off

    On a serious note, those pillars are far to close together for some people in our increasingly obese nation to walk between…..

    • Arfur Towcrate says:

      “those pillars are far to close together for some people in our increasingly obese nation to walk between….” and too close for a wheelchair user to be able to use the path, so not in line with the Disability Discrimination Act / Equalities Act, which makes it easier to get the problem fixed

  2. Tom says:

    Just go back at night with a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. It’s easier to apologise than it is to ask permission.

    Also, chances are, they’d never notice it’d gone anyway. It’s not *needed* for stability of the sign.

    • scap metal collector says:

      The drivers would see it better if the sign was closer to the street, like on the left side of the leftmost post. Do you think the other post is tight on the ground and would come off easily? Or does it need a hacksaw or a more brute force method?

      • Arfur Towcrate says:

        If it’s not covered by CCTV, there’s a risk that some motorist could use their beat up old vehicle to accidentally on purpose reverse into it and knock it over a little bit so that it would have to be removed. That would be criminal.

  3. Cyclestrian says:

    Presumably they first realised the sign might scalp adults walking under it. So the child limbo bar was fitted. Obviously children should be strapped into a car or a shopping trolley so they are not at risk.

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