‘As easy as riding a bike’ provides an excellent analysis of how we fail at every level to think about roads users other than cars or trucks …

As Easy As Riding A Bike

I found the Channel 4 programme, The Tallest Tower – Building The Shard, which aired last week, grimly fascinating. Whether a slant had been put on the nature of the construction by the programme’s producers or not, I cannot say, but the overall impression I got of the development was one of unseemly, urgent haste. A particular example was the fact that windy days – on which construction on the upper levels had to cease – did not appear to be budgeted for. Days were ‘lost’ due to high wind, and construction had to ‘catch up’, despite the fact that wind is quite a common phenomenon in the British Isles (indeed the site manager at one point says ‘if the wind blows, we’re stuffed.’)  There was no slack, apparently, in the construction schedule.

Another example comes during the building of the foundations of the Shard, about 18 minutes into…

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