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Twickenham Action Plan Response

This is probably a pointless exercise, but I finally tried to read the documents around the Twickenham Action Plan. They’re all soul-destroyingly dull, repetitive, impenetrable and long, but I managed the following submission. In essence, the council’s plan seems to … Continue reading

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Originally posted on As Easy As Riding A Bike:
Slightly lost, perhaps understandably, amongst the kerfuffle over the deeply strange ‘Share the Road’ campaign endorsed (and then hastily unendorsed) by Bike Radar, was a tweet by David Arditti, who objected…

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In one year Richmond has achieved nothing for cycling.

Eagle-eyed readers will spot this in the latest minutes from the Cycling Liaison Group: “The group were advised that there was some money available for cycling parking in the borough.” Yet we had this discussion in November last year. And that followed an extensive email … Continue reading

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How does Richmond explain its obsession with persuading you to use your car?

Richmond Council loves talking about its 30 minutes free parking for locals, and its ‘considerate parking’ policies, but it doesn’t have any useful data to indicate what the actual effect is on local businesses, as you can see: (more on … Continue reading

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How do we count cycling in Richmond?

Does Richmond really know how and why people cycle in the borough? And where?  It’s a question that came up at the last Cycling Liaison Group in Richmond.  Although the minutes don’t report it, there was a lengthy discussion about … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Alternative Department for Transport:
I’ve just got back from the Netherlands. I rode a bike there for two weeks and experienced for myself why so many people there use bikes every day, and why transatlantic comedy…

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Is this the narrowest cycle lane in London?

This is the bridge over the train tracks, behind Richmond station. It has a cycle lane, in colour. But it’s not very wide. This is what it looks like if you’re sitting on your bike in the middle of it. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Cycle of Futility:
Transport for London’s Pedestrian Countdown scheme reduces crossing time for pedestrians, as part of a strategy to squeeze more road traffic through junctions. London Assembly Member Val Shawcross has warned it will  make the city…

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