Is this the narrowest cycle lane in London?

This is the bridge over the train tracks, behind Richmond station. It has a cycle lane, in colour.

But it’s not very wide. This is what it looks like if you’re sitting on your bike in the middle of it.



And this is what it looks like with someone quite wisely choosing to ignore it. 


ImageNot surprisingly, nothing has happened to it in the five years I’ve lived in the area, but it is technically the only route across the railway that actually includes marked cycle facilities for crossing … 

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4 Responses to Is this the narrowest cycle lane in London?

  1. I think the Cross Deep lane is wider, but not by much. It must be difficult to be this bad at following DFT guidelines.

  2. Paul says:

    I think that the rationale is that if they made it wider the general purpose lane would be so narrow that cars would have to encroach on the cycle lane as a matter of course. This would lead to the cycle lane being disregarded. (ignores the fact that some drivers ignore advisory cycle lanes even when the general purpose lane is plenty wide enough).
    I would like to see sharrows used to show a shared lane where there is not space for a 2m cycle lane.

  3. D. says:

    Maybe the narrowest in London but not in England. One on the final approach to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol is about three inches wider than the double yellow lines on it. So, a lot narrower than the length of a car door!

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