Do cyclists want to share the road, or would they prefer some space of their own? Mark gives it some (slightly sarcastic) thought

As Easy As Riding A Bike

Slightly lost, perhaps understandably, amongst the kerfuffle over the deeply strange ‘Share the Road’ campaign endorsed (and then hastily unendorsed) by Bike Radar, was a tweet by David Arditti, who objected to the entire principle of encouraging greater ‘sharing’ (or what Joe Dunckley might call getting people to play nicely).

Basic flaw with campaign @bikeradar: I & probably most other cyclists don’t want to #sharetheroadUK. We want separation

This prompted a small, steady stream of objections from young to middle-aged athletic male cyclists, who are of course perfectly happy cycling on roads alongside motor vehicles, and stated this as their own personal preference. But one respondent went further, claiming that ‘most cyclists want to share the road.’

@VoleOSpeed @bikeradar Disagree. Most cyclists want to share the road. Separation is a nonsensical and dangerous idea.

That is, the majority of cyclists don’t want to be separated from motor vehicles; they want…

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