Cycle lanes are to protect pedestrians, in the new Twickenham!

Richmond’s noticed that people aren’t too happy about the planned removal of what cycle provision there is in Twickenham, in their new action plan. 

And the press release just makes it abundantly clear how Richmond views cycling. 

Because the press release seems to be saying:

1. At the time when a safe place to cycle might be most useful – i.e. peak hours – they expect ‘vehicles’ to encroach on their proposed non-mandatory cycle lanes.

2. At any other time, the purpose of the lane is to persuade the traffic not to get too close to pedestrians. “These cycle lanes would increase cycle safety throughout the town centre and would also help to encourage cars and other vehicles to stay in the central lanes in off peak periods, therefore keeping their distance from pedestrians.”

Anyone who can understand the logic that says that cycling will be safer through the provision of a facility which is designed to make traffic keep its distance from pedestrians, please tell: if it’s important to keep traffic away from pedestrians, how is it good for it to be close to cyclists?

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3 Responses to Cycle lanes are to protect pedestrians, in the new Twickenham!

  1. ruggabugga says:

    The council’s plans for central Twickenham clearly favour vehicles and pedestrians.
    Environmentally friendly cyclists and bus users lose out big time.

    Cyclists will be crushed into the proposed King St dual carriageway with cars, buses and lorries, without the safety of a permanent cycle lane.

    I’m amazed LBRUT are proposing plans that make cycling significantly more dangerous along the town centre’s busiest stretch of road.

    Have the transport and environment cabinet members lost the plot?
    They certainly don’t have their fingers on the pulse of the huge interest in cycling from tours of France/Britain and Olympics.

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