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Links and Resources – the Twickenham Area Action Plan

This post is simply a collection of links and resources, primarily focussed on the council’s ‘Twickenham Area Action Plan’. It includes data gathered by others, and long links Richmond Cycling’s recent post on next steps The local paper’s most recent … Continue reading

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20mph probably won’t make Twickenham any safer, or any different.

In a data set the council released a few weeks ago, we now know that, in 2008, most traffic speeds through Twickenham, when not queuing, peaks at 42kph (~26mph) in two locations, but rarely makes it to the 32kph (20mph) … Continue reading

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An open letter to Richmond Council

Dear Councillors,Some of you were at the Cycling Liaison Group at the beginning of this month, and you saw the strength of feeling among cyclists about the Twickenham plans.But I want to ask you to look at this differently. By choosing … Continue reading

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I don’t want to lipstick this pig – how can I help stop it?

If you’re at all angry about what the council’s planning to do to Twickenham, there are actually quite a few things you can do, apart from checking out the excellent post over at Richmond Cycling. 1. Ask the council a … Continue reading

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Why Cycling in Twickenham Matters

You might not ever get on a bicycle, you might be an occasional user, you might be someone comfortable with high volumes of traffic. Whichever you are, you should still be concerned about the provision of cycling infrastructure in Twickenham, … Continue reading

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Cycling Liaison Group – Let’s Consult!

Thursday saw the biggest Cycling Liaison Group ever. And all because the council has a Twickenham Area Plan which has no provision for cycling, let alone safe cycling (a few Advanced Stop Lanes aside). Under pressure from a number of … Continue reading

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Cycling Liaison Group – October. (Part One …)

I don’t normally enjoy the Cycling Liaison Group, and tonight was no exception. We had eight agenda items and at the end was the one everyone wanted to talk about. After the minutes, we went to the: Borough cycling strategy … Continue reading

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Reasons not to be cheerful about the TAAP 1, 2, … 11.

You might live in our borough, but not be a regular visitor to Twickenham, but there are some good reasons why you might want to make an effort to tell the council why taking out cycling provision along almost the … Continue reading

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What influence will TfL have on the Twickenham Area Plan?

TfL is a key stakeholder in Richmond’s Twickenham Area Action Plan. So I recently asked them:  “With regard to the Twickenham Action Plan which LBRUT is currently consulting on, could you tell me what requirements TfL may have placed upon … Continue reading

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