I don’t want to lipstick this pig – how can I help stop it?

If you’re at all angry about what the council’s planning to do to Twickenham, there are actually quite a few things you can do, apart from checking out the excellent post over at Richmond Cycling.

1. Ask the council a question.

You can ask, in person or in writing, a question in front of the whole council, and they have to answer. They might bullshit you, of course, but nothing ventured. To ask a question, see the page here.

2. Write to the council cycling champion.

She’s called Katherine Harborne, and you can find her details here. She chairs the Cycling Liaison Group and has apparently been in contact with TfL.

3. Contact your councillor.

See here for details on all the councillors. Write to your councillors and tell them why you think the Twickenham Consultation and Plan is a botched attempt to put lipstick on a pig. (Some ideas here and here).

4. Freedom of Information them all.

If you head over to WhatDoTheyKnow, they’ll help you submit and track a Freedom of Information Act Request. You can ask pretty much anything, but pertinent questions might be things like “What specific requirements have TfL stated for the Highstreet and street scene changes?”, or “What traffic modelling has been done on this plan? Where is the data, and how do I obtain it?” or even “Do you have any idea how many cyclists use Twickenham now, and how many will be left after these disastrous plans?”

You can submit an FoI request to almost any public body, and they must reply, by law, within 30 days, unless they can demonstrate that the information would cost too much to obtain. (So don’t be too vague in your request!)

5. Write to the local paper.

You can email the Richmond and Twickenham Times at lettersrtt@london.newsquest.co.uk

6. Write to the man most responsible for this little gem, Councillor Harrison.

Be prepared to be told, however, that ‘cyclists get a share of the transport budget far above the 5% modal share of transport they occupy’. I’m not sure why this is a bad thing, but perhaps you can find that out while you’re there.

7. Put 18th October in your diary.

That’s the ful council meeting at which they’re planning to adopt this whole sorry mess. There’s a fat chance that they’ll have done much beyond some token paint for advisory cycle lanes by then, so there may be a demonstration planned.

And finally, whatever you do, let the local guys at the London Cycling Campaign know, by emailing them at info@richmondlcc.co.uk or leave a comment below.


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1 Response to I don’t want to lipstick this pig – how can I help stop it?

  1. twickerman says:

    FYI, members of the public can register to speak at the Council Cabinet meeting on 18Oct. For details search the Council website for ‘Speaking at Cabinet’.

    You may consider asking :
    – Why didn’t the Council consult residents about bus/cycle lane removal on King Street?
    – Why are vehicles allowed to use advisory cycle lanes in peak hours when cyclists need them most?
    – How will cyclists get to the advanced stop lines if the congested roads are blocked by vehicles?
    -Why are cycle lanes NOT included in the Highways and Street Scene Scheme principles or in the plans submitted to Cabinet and the secretary of State?
    – How can the Council possibly achieve the stated principle ‘to provide safe and convenient access to and through the town centre for cyclists’ if the proposed advisory cycle lanes are only part-time and can be used by all vehicles (cars, HGVs and buses)?
    – Why does the Council value the creation of a cafe culture along the proposed London Road and King Street dual carriageways above the safety of cyclists on these very busy and congested roads?

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