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Cycling Liaison Group – Let’s Consult!

Thursday saw the biggest Cycling Liaison Group ever. And all because the council has a Twickenham Area Plan which has no provision for cycling, let alone safe cycling (a few Advanced Stop Lanes aside). Under pressure from a number of … Continue reading

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Cycling Liaison Group – October. (Part One …)

I don’t normally enjoy the Cycling Liaison Group, and tonight was no exception. We had eight agenda items and at the end was the one everyone wanted to talk about. After the minutes, we went to the: Borough cycling strategy … Continue reading

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Why the Cycling Liaison Group is a Waste of Time

Richmond does cycling – we’ve got 5% modal share, which is the second best in London. Although, as an engineer at the recent GLA hearings on transport observed, Richmond has green space – chances are, our modal share is high … Continue reading

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Kew Road cycle lane is saved by Cycling Liaison Group

Kew Road has mandatory cycle lanes for large parts of its length. At a previous Cycling Liaison Group, a number of us left the meeting under the impression that this was due to go. Happily, it seems that this facility … Continue reading

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An open letter to Richmond Council

Dear Councillors,Some of you were at the Cycling Liaison Group at the beginning of this month, and you saw the strength of feeling among cyclists about the Twickenham plans.But I want to ask you to look at this differently. By choosing … Continue reading

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I don’t want to lipstick this pig – how can I help stop it?

If you’re at all angry about what the council’s planning to do to Twickenham, there are actually quite a few things you can do, apart from checking out the excellent post over at Richmond Cycling. 1. Ask the council a … Continue reading

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What influence will TfL have on the Twickenham Area Plan?

TfL is a key stakeholder in Richmond’s Twickenham Area Action Plan. So I recently asked them:  “With regard to the Twickenham Action Plan which LBRUT is currently consulting on, could you tell me what requirements TfL may have placed upon … Continue reading

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The lazy council’s guide to doing cycling.

(In homage to AsEasyAsRiding’s article about lazy cycling journalism…) So you’re responsible for roads and transport in your borough, but you’ve got some pesky people want you to make a bit of effort to make cycling a nice thing to … Continue reading

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In one year Richmond has achieved nothing for cycling.

Eagle-eyed readers will spot this in the latest minutes from the Cycling Liaison Group: “The group were advised that there was some money available for cycling parking in the borough.” Yet we had this discussion in November last year. And that followed an extensive email … Continue reading

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How do we count cycling in Richmond?

Does Richmond really know how and why people cycle in the borough? And where?  It’s a question that came up at the last Cycling Liaison Group in Richmond.  Although the minutes don’t report it, there was a lengthy discussion about … Continue reading

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