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It’s not too late to stop Twickenham being gassed.

This Thursday the council’s cabinet will meet. You can read the 218 pages of papers here: Agenda meeting page reports pack But the key bits you need to read are from page 45 of the reports pack. There’s no diagrams included, … Continue reading

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Sisyphus is stil with us.

Sisyphus was condemned to push a boulder up the hill, so it could roll back down again. Endlessly. And that’s what we seem to be doing in Richmond – as at countless other places across London. Every time you make … Continue reading

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We’re improving Richmond station … for cars!

A gem I missed at the time. When announcing the agreement to improve Richmond station’s forecourt, our Cabinet member for Highways said: “When it [the station forecourt upgrade] is finished, Richmond will have the modern spacious gateway local people and … Continue reading

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SuperBoris – changing London for the better by … re-sequencing traffic lights!

Richmond Tories “can now afford cabs thanks to Boris’ light re-sequencing” according to the farcical back boris site. Although it really does take a stretch of the imagination to wonder how the cost of a fare will materially change with … Continue reading

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Fine cycle facilities of Richmond

The local LCC branch recently did a blog post on some of the great facilities in Richmond. A few days ago I tried another great facility – the one that runs beside the A316 from Richmond from the Kew Road … Continue reading

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Pedestrians: please report roadworks problems!

This sign was left on the South Circular, in Sheen, just here. It asks you to report any problems with roadworks directly to TfL. And they’ve nicely placed it across over half of the not fabulously wide pavement. Just behind … Continue reading

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It’s easier to park you car then to ask someone to slow down

So Richmond also thinks that 20mph zones are a good idea – based on this week’s Cycling Liaison Group discussion. But they’re a good idea in a different way to removing yellow lines. Because, to remove yellow lines, you need a … Continue reading

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