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An open letter to Richmond’s Cabinet

Dear Councillors, On Thursday, you’ll be looking at the Twickenham Action Plan and, specifically, the street scene proposal. You were going to talk about this last month, but it was delayed so the engineers could make it a bit nicer … Continue reading

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Investment worked in Copenhagen – why won’t politicians make the case here?

A while ago Copenhagen began spending serious money on making itself a nicer city. The outcome seems about as positive as you could possibly hope: “Investing in cycling lanes not only cuts CO2 emissions and improves citizens’ health and quality of life, … Continue reading

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Richmond sucks up “smoothing traffic flow” from TfL

Richmond recently announced plans to curb the blight of excessive parking restrictions from our borough. So this blogger wondered, how do they choose? And it turns out to be not especially scientific, sadly, or indeed to be taking into account, … Continue reading

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More cars parking means more business in Richmond

Despite the absence of any usable evidence, Richmond Council’s latest plan to help local traders is to remove lots of yellow lines. The Council member for Highways sums up how our Tory council views car in a nutshell: “…by the … Continue reading

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Why Richmond Council should hate cars #1

Recently, Clean Air London looked at traffic pollution in London, and wanted to know how it affects children. Richmond, despite being a borough with so much greenery, parks, etc., still managed to have more than a dozen schools which were … Continue reading

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