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In one year Richmond has achieved nothing for cycling.

Eagle-eyed readers will spot this in the latest minutes from the Cycling Liaison Group: “The group were advised that there was some money available for cycling parking in the borough.” Yet we had this discussion in November last year. And that followed an extensive email … Continue reading

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£220,000 on cycling in Richmond? What a fine thing!

Now I’d be the last person to be complaining about spending on cycle infrastructure, but I have a couple of big questions on this one: – Other cycle hubs are talking about including a charge to park your bike. That … Continue reading

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Where can we spend £12k on parking bicycles?

Richmond apparently has £12k to spend on cycle parking, and apparently no-one at the cycling liaison group has made any suggestions. So I thought I’d offer a few: Firstly, why not encourage more people to take the bike to Kew? … Continue reading

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It’s easier to park you car then to ask someone to slow down

So Richmond also thinks that 20mph zones are a good idea – based on this week’s Cycling Liaison Group discussion. But they’re a good idea in a different way to removing yellow lines. Because, to remove yellow lines, you need a … Continue reading

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Kew Road cycle lane is saved by Cycling Liaison Group

Kew Road has mandatory cycle lanes for large parts of its length. At a previous Cycling Liaison Group, a number of us left the meeting under the impression that this was due to go. Happily, it seems that this facility … Continue reading

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Richmond sucks up “smoothing traffic flow” from TfL

Richmond recently announced plans to curb the blight of excessive parking restrictions from our borough. So this blogger wondered, how do they choose? And it turns out to be not especially scientific, sadly, or indeed to be taking into account, … Continue reading

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More cars parking means more business in Richmond

Despite the absence of any usable evidence, Richmond Council’s latest plan to help local traders is to remove lots of yellow lines. The Council member for Highways sums up how our Tory council views car in a nutshell: “…by the … Continue reading

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