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£220,000 on cycling in Richmond? What a fine thing!

Now I’d be the last person to be complaining about spending on cycle infrastructure, but I have a couple of big questions on this one: – Other cycle hubs are talking about including a charge to park your bike. That … Continue reading

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“Cycling on the pavement is illegal (full stop)” (Updated)

My local police don’t seem to think there might be circumstances under which you’d be Ok to ride on the pavement: Which is odd, because the borough is littered with little signs like this, up and down pavements: Now I … Continue reading

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Probably best to drive to Richmond station, on balance …

Richmond Council’s consultation on changing the layout at Richmond station did include some gathering of walking and pedestrian statistics, but none of this analysis actually made it into the consultation documents. When you arrive at the front of Richmond station, … Continue reading

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