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20mph probably won’t make Twickenham any safer, or any different.

In a data set the council released a few weeks ago, we now know that, in 2008, most traffic speeds through Twickenham, when not queuing, peaks at 42kph (~26mph) in two locations, but rarely makes it to the 32kph (20mph) … Continue reading

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Cycling in Richmond – 5% share of transport, 100% of transport complaints

Last week I went to the local Police Liaison Group. For an activity which provides 5% of Richmond transport (according to our local cycling champion), cycling certainly turned up in a lot of complaints and issues. Firstly, a gentleman asked … Continue reading

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Pedestrians: please report roadworks problems!

This sign was left on the South Circular, in Sheen, just here. It asks you to report any problems with roadworks directly to TfL. And they’ve nicely placed it across over half of the not fabulously wide pavement. Just behind … Continue reading

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Richmond sucks up “smoothing traffic flow” from TfL

Richmond recently announced plans to curb the blight of excessive parking restrictions from our borough. So this blogger wondered, how do they choose? And it turns out to be not especially scientific, sadly, or indeed to be taking into account, … Continue reading

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Useless cycling signage

Yesterday we drove to an event which was officially opened by Phillip Hammond. I did enjoy watching him telling a crowd of extremely well-paid research scientists that when he went to school science was dusty and boring, and he needs … Continue reading

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It’s a pavement, but TfL still think pedestrians and cyclists are second class.

This is the scene on TfL’s fab new cycle way along the A316. They only finished it a little while ago, and it’s a classic of design for motor vehicles. This picture shows a break in the cycle path which … Continue reading

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Crossing the road? You’re not traffic, so I don’t care.

Credit to Richmond’s LCC branch for keeping going on the London Road roundabout farce. In the best current traditions of TfL, it turns out that they’re not that interested in doing anything for pedestrians or cyclists who want to cross … Continue reading

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