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Environment Committee and cycling. Another missed opportunity.

Richmond just doesn’t have a plan to actually persuade more people to cycle. It’s a council which is good at fine words about cycling, but when it comes to action, there’s little on offer. Last night, at the Environment committee … Continue reading

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Richmond’s Strategy to get people cycling

This post is about the borough’s strategy and plans to get more people cycling, in line with their target of increasing cycling by 40% in the next few years. [End of post]

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WIll the borough grasp another chance to make walking and cycling number one?

Tonight is the council’s environment, sustainability and something or other committee. They’ve got another chance to send the rubbish plans for Twickenham back to the drawing board. Will they choose Paul James’ excellent suggestions instead? Probably not, but I’ve written … Continue reading

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Want to shop with people, or shlep with cars?

One of the biggest changes promised for Twickenham is that it will become a destination, and not just somewhere to drive through. But take a look at these two photos, and tell me where you’d prefer to come and have … Continue reading

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What can you learn from Starbucks?

This week I went into Starbucks. And I saw a lot of drinks advertised which didn’t sound much like coffee to me (pumpkin latte is the obvious example). But Starbucks is one of the most successful coffee businesses in the … Continue reading

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Links and Resources – the Twickenham Area Action Plan

This post is simply a collection of links and resources, primarily focussed on the council’s ‘Twickenham Area Action Plan’. It includes data gathered by others, and long links Richmond Cycling’s recent post on next steps The local paper’s most recent … Continue reading

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20mph probably won’t make Twickenham any safer, or any different.

In a data set the council released a few weeks ago, we now know that, in 2008, most traffic speeds through Twickenham, when not queuing, peaks at 42kph (~26mph) in two locations, but rarely makes it to the 32kph (20mph) … Continue reading

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