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Sisyphus is stil with us.

Sisyphus was condemned to push a boulder up the hill, so it could roll back down again. Endlessly. And that’s what we seem to be doing in Richmond – as at countless other places across London. Every time you make … Continue reading

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NEW: Richmond has a slogan for cycling!

Richmond, it seems, has a slogan for cycling, and it goes like this: “More people cycling, more often, safely and for fun.” (see article below) Now I’d suggest that someone made that one up on the spot, since the Local … Continue reading

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Kew Road cycle lane is saved by Cycling Liaison Group

Kew Road has mandatory cycle lanes for large parts of its length. At a previous Cycling Liaison Group, a number of us left the meeting under the impression that this was due to go. Happily, it seems that this facility … Continue reading

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