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It’s not too late to stop Twickenham being gassed.

This Thursday the council’s cabinet will meet. You can read the 218 pages of papers here: Agenda meeting page reports pack But the key bits you need to read are from page 45 of the┬áreports pack. There’s no diagrams included, … Continue reading

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You will not be trained for Richmond’s cycling revolution!

Today I was discussing cycling with someone who would dearly like to cycle to school with her daughter. Aside from issues around the routes available to her, we talked about training. Three years ago I did a level 3 Bikeability … Continue reading

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We have to dress up to cycle on the road, why not dress up to walk in shared use?

When you cycle on the road, the general advice in the UK is for you to wear hi-visibility clothing, a helmet, and to take lots of care. And I got to thinking: that’s the advice for a cyclist who is … Continue reading

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