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Cycling Liaison Group – October. (Part One …)

I don’t normally enjoy the Cycling Liaison Group, and tonight was no exception. We had eight agenda items and at the end was the one everyone wanted to talk about. After the minutes, we went to the: Borough cycling strategy … Continue reading

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NEW: Richmond has a slogan for cycling!

Richmond, it seems, has a slogan for cycling, and it goes like this: “More people cycling, more often, safely and for fun.” (see article below) Now I’d suggest that someone made that one up on the spot, since the Local … Continue reading

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What does £4.2m in transport cash buy you?

Last year, Richmond concluded the ‘Smarter Travel Richmond’ initiative, another project that’s been and gone with minor incremental changes to a few indicators. A sad indication of the overall efficacy of the project is the cycle training: 8,000 leaflets were distributed, and 162 adults … Continue reading

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