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Investment worked in Copenhagen – why won’t politicians make the case here?

A while ago Copenhagen began spending serious money on making itself a nicer city. The outcome seems about as positive as you could possibly hope: “Investing in cycling lanes not only cuts CO2 emissions and improves citizens’ health and quality of life, … Continue reading

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Richmond’s transport plan: hot air, training, and electric charging points

Apparently, Richmond’s mayor approved version two of its local improvement plan (LIP2) on 14th December. There’s no full version available on the site it seems, so you’ll have to use the draft here. And the draft, which gasses on about … Continue reading

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Even cabbies don’t like Richmond station re-design …

So the re-design that was overwhelmingly voted for by local people doesn’t even seem that popular with the cabbies. Their objection – that the design moves the cab rank from the front of the station – actually doesn’t take into … Continue reading

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What does £4.2m in transport cash buy you?

Last year, Richmond concluded the ‘Smarter Travel Richmond’ initiative, another project that’s been and gone with minor incremental changes to a few indicators. A sad indication of the overall efficacy of the project is the cycle training: 8,000 leaflets were distributed, and 162 adults … Continue reading

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