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Cycle lanes are to protect pedestrians, in the new Twickenham!

Richmond’s noticed that people aren’t too happy about the planned removal of what cycle provision there is in Twickenham, in their new action plan.  And the press release just makes it abundantly clear how Richmond views cycling.  Because the press release seems to be … Continue reading

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The lazy council’s guide to doing cycling.

(In homage to AsEasyAsRiding’s article about lazy cycling journalism…) So you’re responsible for roads and transport in your borough, but you’ve got some pesky people want you to make a bit of effort to make cycling a nice thing to … Continue reading

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Cycling England v. Cycling Richmond

I’ve just visited the old ‘Cycling England‘ website. And enjoyed the irony that, whereas Cycling England sought “More people cycling, more safely, more often”, Richmond apparently wants “more people cycling, more often, safely and for fun“. It’s hard not to … Continue reading

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